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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Where will Healthcare Packaging EXPO and PACK EXPO International 2020 take place?

    Healthcare Packaging EXPO will take place in Upper Lakeside Center at McCormick Place.
    2301 S. King Drive
    Chicago, Illinois 60616 USA

  • What are the show dates and exhibit hours?

    Sunday, November 8, 2020:             9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Monday, November 9, 2020:            9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Tuesday, November 10, 2020:         9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Wednesday, November 11, 2020:    9:00 am – 3:00 pm

  • How do I book my hotel?

    Our hotel reservation system will open in September 2019, offering discount rates for show participants when you book through our website. Expovision is the official Hotel Reservation Office for Healthcare Packaging EXPO and PACK EXPO International. You will be able to access their reservations system via the Book Hotel page of this website. Please beware of unofficial housing vendors.

Exhibitor Questions

  • How can I become an exhibitor at Healthcare Packaging EXPO or PACK EXPO International 2020?

    Submit your application online by May 31, 2019. Booth selection will begin in June 2019.

  • What is the cost per square foot to exhibit?

    The base rate is $30.25 per square foot. PMMI member space rates vary. If you are a PMMI Member and would like to know your space rate, please call 571-612-3200.

    Drayage/material handling is included in your space rate provided your shipment/truck checks in at McCormick Place by 2 pm on your assigned target move-in date. See Rules & Regulations and the Exhibitor Services Manual (available by May 2020) for additional information and special assessment pricing.

  • What is drayage?

    Drayage is the moving of the exhibitor’s machinery, etc., off the exhibitor’s truck at the dock to the exhibitor’s booth and back to the dock to be loaded back onto the truck. This is included in the price of the exhibitor’s booth space.

  • What is the payment schedule for booth space?

    A nonrefundable 25% deposit should accompany your Exhibit Space Application. An additional 50% of the total booth price will be due by April 15, 2020. The final 25% will be due by June 21, 2020. Full payment is due with the space application for any booths booked after June 21, 2020.

    If you have any questions about payment for your booth space, you can contact Dorine Cole at [email protected] or 571-612-3200.

  • How can I improve my priority point standing?

    Each exhibitor is assigned a priority point for space selection. PACK EXPO International, PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Healthcare Packaging EXPO, ProFood Tech and PACK EXPO East hold separate priority standings. By exhibiting continuously, and those ahead of you in priority not exhibiting, an exhibitor begins to move up the priority point system. Choosing not to exhibit at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, ProFood Tech or PACK EXPO East does not affect your Healthcare Packaging EXPO priority.

  • What are the height regulations?

    Booths that are less than 1,500 square feet have a maximum 12’ height restriction; booths 1,500 square feet and over have a maximum 18’ height restriction. Setback and line-of-sight rules apply. For more information, please consult the complete Rules & Regulations.

  • Can I change my target move-in date?

    Move-in/Move-out dates are determined based upon your location within each hall (your Show Contact will be notified when these dates are decided). You can request a change to your target dates by emailing Jim Roche at [email protected].

  • How many complimentary booth personnel badges do we receive?

    Exhibitors receive one (1) complimentary booth personnel badge for every 75 sq. ft. of contracted space or fraction thereof. E.g., 100 sq. ft. = 2 badges, 200 sq. ft. = 3 badges, etc.

  • How do I populate my company information for inclusion in the online directory?

    Go to the Exhibitor Dashboard. The online Exhibitor Search is the directory for the show and, as an exhibitor, you are automatically included in the online directory (Exhibitor Search) and printed Show Guide. The PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO Show Guide lists only exhibiting company names and booth numbers. All other information you wish to convey to attendees about your company should be added to your online company profile.

    Login information will be sent to the Exhibitor Show Contact. Once you have received the ID & Password, you can log in to the Exhibitor Dashboard and begin populating your company description, vertical markets, product categories and more.

    If you have any questions about your Exhibitor Dashboard contact the PMMI Show Department at [email protected] or 571-612-3200.

  • What is my Exhibitor Dashboard login ID?

    The Show Contact for your company will receive an email with an ID and password to log in to your Exhibitor Dashboard. If you have not received this password or are having trouble logging in, please have the Show Contact call the PMMI Show Department at 571-612-3200 or email [email protected]. Passwords can only be given out to the Show Contact on file.

  • Per the European Union GDPR regulations, is it legal to contact attendees for marketing purposes if they have allowed an exhibitor to scan their badge?

    Yes, if an attendee allows an exhibitor to scan their badge, then he/she is giving permission to be contacted.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Your 25% deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable. For cancellations received after April 17, 2020 and prior to June 22, 2020, the exhibitor will forfeit any monies paid to date, up to 75% of the total booth price. Any cancellations received after the final June 22, 2020 payment deadline will forfeit 100% or all monies paid to date. For details, see the Rules & Regulations.

  • Who is the official service contractor for PACK EXPO International/Healthcare Packaging EXPO?


    Booth Services

    The Expo Group
    Phillip Ramirez

    Phone: 972-751-9416
    Fax: 972-751-9270
    Email: [email protected]
    Mailing Address:
    5931 West Campus Circle Drive
    Irving, TX 75063

    Move In/Move out – Freight Services

    PACK EXPO Services
    Jim Roche

    Phone: 847-299-0300
    Fax: 847-299-0301
    Email: [email protected]

    More information will be available when the Exhibitor Services Manual is published in the spring of 2020.

  • Who can I contact with questions regarding the show?


    For general questions, contact:

    11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 600
    Reston, VA 20190
    Phone: 571-612-3200
    Email: [email protected]

    For exhibit sales questions, contact:

    Beth Murray
    Phone: 571-612-3186
    Email: [email protected]

    For questions about sponsorships and advertising opportunities, contact:

    Mike Bradley
    Phone: 610-647-8585
    Email: [email protected] 

    Patrick Bradley
    Phone: 610-647-8585
    Email: [email protected]

    For show-related advertising opportunities from PMMI Media Group, visit or call 800-355-5595.

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