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Extend Your Reach Beyond Your Booth

Healthcare Packaging EXPO sponsorships provide an unbeatable opportunity to reach all 50,000 attendees at McCormick Place.

You’ll not only reach across pharmaceutical industries, but also make your brand known to buyers from industries with crossover concerns, such as food and beverage.  

Sponsorships & Advertising

Sponsorships & Advertising

Make your mark at Healthcare Packaging EXPO!

Deliver impact and create brand exposure with a 10-second company ad featured on a large-scale digital display in the Grand Concourse at McCormick Place—as well as attendee shuttle buses running throughout the shows.

Digital Ads (10 available): $ 9,500


Maximum of 3 sponsors for each vertical lounge These high-profile industry lounges provide a focal point for attendees to talk shop, network and exchange ideas with peers interested in key vertical markets.

Baking & Snack Break Lounge

Exclusive: $6,500
3-Co-Sponsors: $3,500 (each) sponsor_attendee-centric-vertical-lounges.jpg

Beverage Cooler Lounge

Exclusive: $6,500
3 Co-Sponsors: $3,500 (each)

Candy Bar Lounge

Exclusive: $6,500
3 Co-Sponsors: $3,500 (each)

This is one of the highest profile sponsorships. Putting your company logo and booth number on these bags, distributed at show entrances and registration, keeps your brand visible throughout the shows. Sponsorship Includes: Your company name, logo and booth number featured on attendee bags.

Exclusive: $26,500


Escalator.jpgShowcase your brand to a captive audience in a high-traffic location by sponsoring a runner in the middle of each escalator.

Grand Concourse (includes 2 escalators): $28,500

North Hall: $12,500

South to West Building: $12,500

South Lobby to South Hall (2 available): $12,500

Your brand will be in front of the eyes of thousands in the high-traffic, South Building Entrance.

South Building Entrance (2 available): $30,000 (each)


Attendees accessing the internet on their mobile devices and computers inside the convention center will see your brand when they land on the splash page. Sponsorship Includes: Company logo, and booth number on splash screen, all promotional signage for Wi-Fi, as well as mention in Show Guide, Show Daily and pre-show promotional materials where complimentary Wi-Fi is promoted.

Exclusive: $27,500

Participating Exhibitor: $500

Lanyards.jpgAttendees receive a lanyard with each show badge printed, both in advance and onsite. Your company logo will be with each one of those attendees. Sponsorship includes: Company logo printed on the lanyards distributed to all attendees. center will see your brand when they land on the splash page.

Exclusive: $32,000

Two Co-Sponsors: $18,000 (each)

Morning-Coffee.jpgWelcome attendees at the start of each day in the convention center with a cup of coffee, compliments of your company. Sponsorship Includes: Company logo and booth number on coffee cups and all promotional signage, as well as mention in the Show Guide, Show Daily and pre-show promotional materials where complimentary coffee is promoted.

All 4 Days Exclusive: $44,000

4 Days Available: $11,800 (per day)

Establish your brand as an industry leader and give PMMI members and exhibitors a retreat away from the busy show floor in the 6 lounges located at the McCormick Place.

Lounges: $15,000

Your company logo will be featured on all Coat and Bag Check signage, as well as the tickets distributed at the Coat and Bag Check location. Additionally, your company name will be listed in the Show Guide as the official sponsor.

Room: $12,500

Pack-Gives-Back.jpgTitle Sponsorship includes: Company logo and booth number on all PACK gives BACK™ promotions, including pre-show attendee mailings (electronic and print), the PACK gives BACK™ webpage and onsite promotional signage. Plus, full page PACK gives BACK™ ads featuring sponsor logo and booth number in the Show Guide and Show Daily. Your company’s support of the event will also be mentioned in show-related press releases. You will receive 100 complimentary tickets to invite customers, prospects and colleagues to the event along with your own designated VIP Seating Area.

Title Sponsor: $35,000



The Innovation Stage is your chance to spotlight the innovations, emerging technologies, and products that your company is contributing to the ever-evolving packaging and pharmaceutical industry by presenting a 30-minute presentation to a highly motivated attendee audience. Your company exposure begins with pre-show emails and website highlights and continues to onsite signage and Show Daily listing.

30-minute presentation: $3,395/session

Gold Package: $435
Sponsorship Includes: Company logo, and access to online leads
Double the number of listing views than the basic offering.

Platinum Package: $2,995
Sponsorship Includes: Gold Package, plus inclusion in the premium exhibitor search, 4 product image/text panels, 50 attendee email invites
Three times more listing views than the basic offering.

Diamond Package: $4,995
Sponsorship Includes: Platinum Package, plus 4 video panels (for a total of 8 display panels), online booth is highlighted with a corner peel, priority placement at the top of all online searches, 100 attendee email invites
Six times more listing views than the basic offering.

Mobile device and app usage continues to rise. Your ad in the PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO mobile app displays each time an attendee accesses the schedule, program, exhibitor lists, maps and more.

Exclusive: $21,750
Includes branding on the main splash screen and banners that link to your exhibitor listing

Push Notifications: $2,500 each
8 available
Includes scheduled notifications that are pushed out to mobile app users during the show. 2 per day available.


Your ad will be featured on rotating between 4 home page ad spots, a large home page feature and presence on each interior page.

4 Available: $10,500 (each)

Display your brand on the confirmation page attendees receive upon registration. These are often printed and kept for reference leading up to the shows, assuring your ad will have a lengthy shelf life.  Additionally, all attendees and prospective attendees will see your ad as it will appear on the registration website.

Attendee: $7,800

Exhibitor (4 available): $1,500

Place your ad in the number one tool that attendees reach for when navigating the show.

Back Cover: $16,500

Inside Front Cover: $11,500

Inside Back Cover: $10,200

Two-Page Spread Ads: $8,500

Front Cover Corner Peel: $7,500

Divider- Full Page (4 available): $6,200

          Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing
          Healthcare Packaging Alphabetical Exhibitor Listing
          Education Sessions
          Floor Plans

Single Page Ad (5 available): $4,900

Divider-One-Third Page Ad (4 available): $3,500

Floor Plan Logos (3 available on each floor plan): $1,500

         South Hall
         North Upper Hall
         Lakeside Upper Hall
         Lakeside Lower Hall
         West Hall
         Limit: Only 3 logos with booth number per printed floor plan

Maximize your visibility onsite with the Show Daily, distributed onsite throughout the exhibit halls each day of the shows. It serves as the go-to source for timely show news and information. Display ads, inserts and special customized ad promotions are available

Tabloid Page: $7,986

Two-Thirds Page: $6,996

Standard/Half Page: $6,275

One-Third Page: $4,452

One-Quarter Page: $3,311

One-Sixth Page: $1,991

Generate leads and promote your presence at the show with PMMI Media Group’s leading print publications and digital ad products. Connect with prospects and pre-registered attendees via unique products you won’t find anywhere else!


  • Packing World Showcase-Pre-show planner, featuring profiles of exhibitors (closing 8/15)
  • Packaging World- (September/October Issues) PACK EXPO International Preview Issues (closing 8/3 and 9/7)
  • Game Plan- Printed, pre-show guide puts your company in front of pre-registered attendees who are interested in your specific product category (closing 9/7)
  • Second Look- Printed, post-show guide connects your company with attendees who are interested in your specific product category after the show closes (closing 9/28)
  • Healthcare Packaging- (September/October Issue) Qualifying advertisers receive a free company profile in the Healthcare Packaging EXPO event preview (closing 9/28)
  • Healthcare Packaging’s Video Wall at Healthcare Packaging EXPO- Prominently broadcast your message on our giant video wall. Drive traffic to your booth and increase awareness of your products via this video billboard at the entrance to HCPE (closing 9/25)
  • ProFood World- (August Issue) Connect with food and beverage processors in our PACK EXPO International Preview issue (closing 7/13)
  • Contract Packaging- (July/August Issue) Connect with buyers in the official publication of the Contract Packaging Association (closing 6/25)
  • OEM- (Fall Issue) Reach machine builders who buy controls and components (closing 7/26)
  • Automation World- (October Issue) Connect with buyers of automation technologies for all types of manufacturing (closing 9/17)


Newsletters, web advertising, websites and social media focused on PACK EXPO International


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Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

For Healthcare Packaging EXPO sponsorships and opportunities, contact:

Mike Bradley, [email protected]
Phone: 610-647-8585

Patrick Bradley, p[email protected]
Phone: 610-647-8585


For show-related advertising opportunities with PMMI Media Group, contact your account representative, call 800-355-5595 or visit


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